With the constant stream of new releases, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find one place where you can get a continuous flow of great music. You don’t want to have to shuffle through pages and pages of blogs but you want a great electronic dance music 24/7 mix, well that’s where DailyEDM Radio comes in. You get to stream their non stop solely EDM radio station from your phone, your computer and anywhere else you can think of. They peruse the beatport charts, the blog posts and new releases for you and assemble a non stop mix for your workout, pre-game, or whenever.

From hosting Ultra Music Festival afterparties with Avicii to chart topping podcasts like their “Miami Dance-Floor”, DailyEDM Radio is rapidly becoming a hallmark in the EDM scene for procuring listeners with a non-stop stream of EDM hits.

DailyEDM Radio is also currently organizing a DJ poll, where you can vote on your favorite DJ. This poll has been immensely popular with already over 6245 submission within 68 hours! And the good news is that David Guetta has only received 2 VOTES! So go forth and cast your vote to represent your favorite DJ.

Top DJ Poll – DailyEDM Radio

You can stream DailyEDM Radio on Itunes, your phone or their website.

– Stream on your phone: http://goo.gl/a2ZcE

– Stream on Itunes: http://goo.gl/a2ZcE

– Stream from our website: www.dailyedmradio.com

And you can follow them on twitter here: @DailyEDM


Classics (2009-2012): Midnight – 6AM

The Worlds Greatest DJs (Podcasts, live sets & more): 6AM – 8PM

Happy Hour: 8PM – Midnight