From the brains of two Dutch rising stars comes one of the hottest releases of 2012.  Showtek, a duo from the Netherlands, has had a monster year already.  They completed two huge collaborations that have each torn through the Beatport charts–they crafted “How We Do” with Dutch dynamo Hardwell (Revealed Recordings, 2012), and recently released “Hell Yeah!”, their collab with Tiesto which was incredibly well-received (Musical Freedom, 2012).  Now the duo has teamed up with another up-and-comer, Justin Prime.  Also hailing from the Netherlands, Justin Prime is a talented producer who launched his “Revolt/R!se” EP last June off of Musical Madness–“Revolt” has since received support from a variety of DJs, including Afrojack and Quintino.   Now, Showtek and Justin Prime have come together to create Cannonball–a rocking, peak-time track which has already garnered support from Hardwell.  And it’s no surprise why–this is one of the highlight tracks of the year.

Cannonball is driven by a mighty bassline, which slowly filters in through the intro along with a bright series of leads.  The breakdown is pure melody as filtered synth chords gradually seep into the mix, until a set of trance chords are introduced which drive up the energy level.  The drop is gigantic, with a deep kick drum and bassline nailing the hits, while a spacious lead echoes out.  The bass absolutely makes the track–a rumbling, sawtooth bassline that absolutely shakes the floor.  The track then goes into a final, furious breakdown that rockets into the stratosphere, before coming back down for one last drop.

Showtek and Justin Prime have truly crafted a monster track with undeniable energy.  Look for much more out of these two gifted artists down the road.  They are clearly primed for great things in the future.


Showtek & Justin Prime – Cannonball (Original Mix)





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