In a world of animosity towards pop superstar Justin Bieber, one unlikely person has come to the defense of his recent song, As Long As You Love Me. When the Canadian pop singer announced earlier this year, “What’s big right now are beats that are in the clubs, like dubstep. So I want to mess with that stuff,” he was met with a lot of resistance from dance music fans.  One person that did not hide his feelings toward the song, however, was Zedd. About the song, he said:

 “I only just got to hear the whole song and I thought it was amazing. First of all it is an amazing production, whoever produced that song. Let’s take Ellie Goulding. Ellie Goulding is an incredible singer and one of the coolest artists out there at the moment. If she sang that song everyone would love it!”

He does raise a point, would the song have been more well received had it been done by a different artist?