Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furrer are back at it again and better than ever with Eject: Part II. In sharp contrast with Eject: Part I, this release has a very progressive vibe with a dab of classic rock guitar added for good measure. This three track expansion is a most welcomed addition to CAZZETTE’s growing list of music and will be adored by many fans of the EDM genre. Without any further delay, let’s get to reviewing this new take on CAZZETTE.

Weapon – The reverb really compliments the intro guitar melody nicely,  filling out the track while making it full and warm. Like any true weapon, you must respect it’s awesome power. That power is certainly utilized by the vocalist, who’s dreamy lyrics convey her dismay of her lover’s abuse and wrongdoing. Weapon is easily a bright spot in part two.

Endorphine – This amazing song slowly builds you up to a crowd-pleasing arpeggio line that compliments the melody to great effect. CAZZETTE  slams you with some bass line “wub-wubs” and a gritty goodness for absolute grins. This Swedish duo shows us once again that they can write any style of music while simultaneously making it their own genre entirely.

Surrender-  Starting us off with some progressive house synths, no one can predict the outstanding vocals around the bend that will surely be a treat to any music fanatic. You simply must dance to this song A great moving bass part accompanied by rock inspired interval jumps will literally make you, well, jump! Surrender  is the track to look out for in Eject: Part II.

While not having nearly as many tracks as the first iteration of EjectCAZZETTE makes up for it with their creative ingenuity and ability to change up the style and feel of this EP. I am very impressed with this release and I patiently await getting my hands on Eject: Part III on January 22 of next year. Enjoy!

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Rating: 9/10