Let me start by saying this is one of the best remix packs going right now. There’s something for all EDM fans here. Here’s a little breakdown of what you’re in for.

Clockwork begins with an uplifting tempo that reminds listeners of the original track, but it’s promptly followed by a dirty, grungy bass line. It even gets a little trancy during one of the breakdowns, which is a pleasant surprise, but it gets right back to that grimy drop that makes you want to rage the night away.

The Torro Torro remix has sort of a Dutch house feel to it, with loud echoing sounds that seem perfect for big room house. Something about this track makes me feel like I’m at a rave in an abandoned warehouse somewhere, and I like it.

Valentino Khan uses a much faster tempo throughout this remix than the others in this pack. So, if you’re looking for a dancehall style track, this one might suite you best.

The trap lovers will have a field day with Ookay’s remix. This track has a great tempo with lots of hats and heavy kick drums. The trap and moombahton combo will have you thinking you just heard this at a Major Lazer show.

GTA even brings something to the table for the dub fans out there. I give GTA a lot of credit here for keeping the roots of the song present, but still managing to turn the track upside down into a bass wobbling masterpiece.

And last, but not least is Firebeatz. As soon as you hear this version, you know it’s from Firebeatz. They’ve come to develop a unique sound electro sound that strays away from the generic Dutch house sound many of us have become accustom too.
Have a listen to each of them below and let us know which you think the best is.

Bless di Nation (feat. Sean Paul) [Remixes] – EP – Congorock & Stereo Massive on iTunes