A-Trak kicks off 2013 with a bang with another superb podcast on Fool’s Gold Radio. This time, he’s serving everything from celebrity jeopardy to Clockwork‘s massive remix of “Perfect Storm“. Personally, this is one of the best mixes he has made for his podcast because not only does it hold true to his artistic style, but the song selection is absolutely amazing. Perhaps what I love most about A-Trak is that nothing he produces, either in studio or on the turntables, seems to fall into any specific genre. Each new mix/release constantly bests the last one, as he always creates a different way for listeners to experience a song, no matter how many times you may have heard it. Just listen to¬† John Dahlback‘s “Get Wild” with “Gimmie Sum” in the beginning and you’ll know what I mean. Furthermore, he even includes a surprising six releases from Fool’s Gold on this podcast, a few being from the Tuna Melt EP, which showcase some exceptional tracks from the label like Carli‘s “Mind Control“. Overall, the amazing talent and exceptional musicianship of A-Trak is what keeps dance music alive and beating, so be sure to give his mix a listen and grab this free download today!