There aren’t many artists whose work can appeal to the masses with such a compelling and unique sound like Starkillers. The Progressive House sensation is back again along with his partner in crime, Dmitry KO, with an excellent track called “Let the Love. It’s spectacular synth arrangement is breathtaking as it cascades the song with an intoxicating rush of bliss and ecstasy. On top of that, the dazzling Amba Shepherd adds a magnificent performance with her enchanting vocals that warm the track and encapsulate the song’s beauty entirely. You’ll be left wanting more, guaranteed. You can expect to hear this all over the festivals this spring and summer and don’t be surprised to find it on top of the Beatport charts within the next couple days. Make sure you support all of these amazing artists and get the track on Beatport today! Enjoy!

Starkillers, Dmitry KO feat. Amba Shepherd – Let the Love