Sean Tyas and Hirshee have joined forces for a positively massive collaboration off of Big Fish Recordings.  Sean Tyas, the New York-based trance veteran, has been making waves recently in the electro house realm–his electro track “Diamondback” (Big Fish Recordings, 2012) made some serious noise with its authentic sound back in December.  Hirshee, the Vancouver-based producer and co-owner of label Big Fish Recordings along with Lazy Rich, is one of the most talented producers in the game today with hit releases like “So Good,” “Hold On To Love,”  and “California” to his credit.

Now, Sean Tyas and Hirshee have combined their powers for one monumental production, and “Salt Shaker” is one of the most original, exciting electro house releases so far this year.  The track opens up with a simple groove and some warm synth work, using a vocal sample to build up the energy before quickly descending into madness.  For the main groove, the duo combine complextro elements and a melodic chord progression that makes for a unique feel and switches up the arrangement.  All throughout, Sean Tyas and Hirshee use some impressive synth work, including a spiraling lead and some thick chords, to flesh out the melody of the track.  The result is one of the most forceful, melodic electro house tracks of the year so far.  Sean Tyas and Hirshee make for an adept duo and their styles mesh perfectly here.  This is one peak-time track you’ll want for your collection.  Pick up your copy today.


Sean Tyas & Hirshee – Salt Shaker (Original Mix)





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