If you follow Atlanta-based DJ/producer Kid Cedek, you’ll know he is one of the hardest working players in the game right now. In addition to being president of up and coming label Rot10 Records, he still manages to find time to produce a ton of songs on his own AND play a bunch of gigs around Atlanta and beyond. He’s proclaimed many times before that his true love lies with moombahton, but that hasn’t stopped him from working on electro, trap, dubstep, or any other style of music he sees fit. He’s just released a free, 6-track EP titled Catastrophe that focuses on the current wave of EDM-trap that has been blowing up the underground. The EP is a testament to his diverse production capabilities and should hopefully put him on the radar of bass music fans around the globe. From the reggae-influenced stylings of Badman Fresh to the all out party anthem BVDBITCHESTVRNVP which features Dell Harris and Young Lyxx, the EP’s production is top notch all the way through.

Download for free via clubtapes.com

-DD @fingerscrossedd