Daft Punk have updated their website to add a new series featuring the collaborators on their upcoming album, Random Access Memories. The first episode features the Grammy and Academy award winner, Giorgio Moroder. This is the first of the series that will be published by The Creators Project, a video project from Intel and VICE. Be sure to check out Daft Punk‘s album website randomaccessmemories.com for more info.

Giorgio Moroder ended this first episode on the following note, leaving us even more excited for the upcoming album:

“It’s kind of overwhelmingly [with] a lot of stuff coming out, so Daft Punk wanted to do something and do it in a way that’s not done by just pushing a note or a chord. You hear that it’s nice and full and the drums and the bass have that warm, full sound. It’s time to have something new in the dance world. I love disco dance anyway, but this is like a step forward. They had to do something which is different, still dance, still electronic, but give that human touch back.”