Avicii’s manager and At Night Management founder Ash Pournouri has started his latest project, PRMD Records. Already including artists such as Cazzette and Morten Breum, PRMD Records is off to a good start. Leading At Night Management to paramount heights, we have no doubt that the new PRMD Records will flourish with Ash at the helm. The first scheduled release will be Cazzette’s Eject album which is sure to be a landmark debut for the new label. Hear what Ash Pournouri had to say about it below!


“My goal has remained the same since starting my management company four years ago in Stockholm – to identify and develop talented producers and artists, taking them first to fans and then to the marketplace through new paradigms, creative brand partnerships and front running third party platforms. The enormity of Avicii’s success proved that we could do that on our own. PRMD will maintain the creativity, spirit and flexibility of an independent label, but with enhanced distribution channels that will allow us to continue to compete in the global marketplace as an influential market player.”



-Nick Ward @NickWard20