LA-based house trio NARK has been slowly but surely moving up in the scene, being featured on Cr2 Records and being remixed by the likes of MYNC.  Now the trio is hard at work in the studio, and recently unveiled one of their newest tracks: “Forever.”  This track shows off the group’s heavily melodic sound.  One of the members is also a vocalist, and those lyrical talents shine throughout the arrangement.  Thick synth work, a pulsating bassline, and the ever-present vocals all work to create a massive soundscape.  The final breakdown is the highlight of the track, as all the melodic elements combine into one forceful climax that builds until the final drop.

NARK is definitely on the rise, and they show their progressive house talents in this powerful track.  Grab your free copy of “Forever” today, and look out for more from these rising talents.





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