According to a FutureBeats subreddit post, Flying Lotus will be getting his own radio station in Rockstar Game’s Grand Theft Auto V. Anyone who has played GTA before, should be familiar with the in-car radio, which plays a host of different stations and genres of music based on the players choice. The inclusion of a FlyLo station is an exciting concept, however it is my duty to remind you this information comes from Reddit and is still unconfirmed by any official sources.

Post from user ‘FuzzyWazzy’ on “Was at the Atlanta Concert for Flying Lotus tonight, and he debuted a ton of new songs and information, including rapping a new Captain Murphy song produced by Hudson Mohawke as well as announcing that he’s getting his own station on GTA V!”

Hopefully we’ll have an update for you to either confirm or deny whether you can be expect to cap cops to the tunes of Flying Lotus come September.

GTA V – Trailer