Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2014 might not happen due to issue with taxation. Pasquale Rotella issued the following statement today:

Insomniac loves doing business in Las Vegas, and right now our primary focus is producing the best show for the fans who will attend Electric Daisy Carnival on June 21, 22 and 23. While we would love to bring another festival to Nevada, we are tabling any further discussions until the state Legislature settles the Live Entertainment Tax issue.

The tax he refers to is a tax on live entertainment in Nevada known as the Live Entertainment Tax (LET). In the past LET has not applied to outdoor events such as EDC. However, the state Legislature is in the process of reforming LET to possibly remove that exemption. Last year, EDC generated $207 million for Clark County, NV. Should LET be applied to EDC, the 10-percent tax would mean about $9.5 million of taxes from EDC ticket sales.

Source: Las Vegas Sun

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