Willem and Ward aka W&W just dropped their latest track Thunder on Mainstage Music, more commonly known as Armada MusicThunder is a mixed bag of a song that contains a lot of common elements to big room/progressive house but also delivers up a couple of new and exciting parts as well. The intro is very generic relying on pitch bends and military drums to create heaps of energy before blasting out into a typical big room melody. The songs main hook is actually pretty memorable despite it being very similar to lots and lots of other  big room songs like Showtek‘s Cannonball. 

The drop itself isn’t that memorable, it’s the same pitched big bass kick with a single synth rhythm over top you’ve come to expect from a large number of tracks these days; it’s not bad it’s just lacking in character. However, towards the very end of the song, W&W busts out a variation in a very sick breakdown bit that I wish could have just been the hook in the first place. Overall, Thunder is a good, but not great offering and if you’re fan of big room or commercial it probably will be for you. Check it out below!


W&W – Thunder (Original Mix)

Grab a copy exclusively on Beatport. Out on all other portals June 3rd.