Smirnoff and DJ Fresh have teamed up to create the revolutionary Mindtunes Project. Using the power of the mind, The Mindtunes Project uses an ElectroEncephaloGraphy device to measure the electrical activity of the brain and then translate the activity into music.

The most exciting part about this project, besides the fact it READS YOUR FRICKEN MIND, is that it opens doors for those who are physically impaired but still wishing to create music. Andy, Mark, and Jo, all 3 physically impaired, created the ‘Mindtunes‘ track controlling musical software with nothing but their mind.

With technology advancing at such an accelerated rate, It is fantastic to see people who are wielding that power to create new opportunities for those who did not have the chance in the past. If you like the song Andy, Mark, and Jo made, then you can purchase ‘Mindtunes‘ on iTunes and 55% of the proceeds will go to Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People. purchase  (HERE)

Check out the details of the Mindtunes Project below!


Below is the full documentary behind the project: