Nothing beats a short work week. It’s Friday once again and this week we have the timeless Sandstorm by Darude. If you haven’t heard of Sandstorm yet then you should probably go crawl in a hole somewhere in shame. Nothing brings more energy to festivals, clubs, and sports arenas quite like Sandstorm. A DJ at a nightclub in Paris dropped this and I watched everyone in the crowd, from first time clubbers to the tables, go insane. This is easily the Finnish producer’s biggest hit, and will go down in the Hall of Fame of electronic music forever. Happy Friday everyone and enjoy the weekend!

I posted the original mix from YouTube because the VEVO video is one of the worst videos I’ve seen since 2 DJs One Cup. (Spoiler Alert!) It’s just a bunch of running through the city and then, in a very anti-climactic ending, the girl assisting with the chase turns out to be on Darude and the random girls’ side! Ugh… Easy ending was the three of them beats the guy in the Old Navy bubble coat in the first 10 seconds of the video. The End. Now show him playing it at a rave, please.