Disfunktion, the up-and-coming Dutch house duo, has been moving up through the house ranks with their authentic, melodic sound and consistent releases.  I think it’s safe to say that they’ve reached another level with their music now, attracting the attention of one of the most legendary veterans in the industry: the masterful producer, Paul Oakenfold.  “Beautiful World,” a brand new collaboration between the two (and featuring the vocal stylings of Spitfire) is an intensely melodic peak-time anthem.  An expert piano arrangement and brilliant synth work, together with the emphatic vocals, create a euphoric soundscape–which quickly leads into a forceful main groove, aided by rhythmic percussion.  The vocals set the stage for the melodic composition, but it’s the monumental atmosphere created by the piano and synths that make the track.


Altogether, this is one of the most impressive releases of the year.  “Beautiful World” shows off the very best of Paul Oakenfold and Disfunktion, allowing their melodic production styles to shine.  This is destined to be a summer hit, perfect for the main stage.  Pick up your copy today.




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