Considered by many to be a godfather of the Tech Trance genre, Mark Sherry is clearly a true master in both technical and musical prowess. He was one of the pioneers of Trance and has spearheaded the formation of Tech Trance today. His abnormal methods of creating sets and music have morphed into his own brand of Tech Trance, always striving to push the envelope on what can be considered appropriate for Trance. His Outburst sets range from in-your-face-Electro to intricate technical tracks and even to Techno and beyond. And his method of track selection perfectly transfers into his extensive production chops. After his massive success of his own singles, Trailblazer and My Love, Mark Sherry returns to remix duties after a 10 month absence with his mix of Tempo Giusto‘s upcoming album single, Blacksmith. Full of unusual sounds and a barrage of different flavors of genres, this mix features everything from deep basslines to full-on Electro for an incredibly complex, but fun release.



In complete honesty, this remix is a large push away from Mark Sherry‘s usual sound and is instead one that is very risky to undertake. Each beat is filled with intricacy and bold assertions of certain sounds that showcases a certain cheekiness on Sherry‘s part. He starts the track off with a driving snare line and energy charging synths before plunging into the water with a dense and deep bassline. The change from maximum energy to a subdued, minimalistic statement carries a sudden drop in pressure in the ears; a very cool and subtle effect. Many different sounds from orchestral hits to white noise to Techno induced vibes makes us question the very integrity of genre in music. As rising synths rock out against a dense bass kick and Techno hi-hats, it slows to a minimum, bringing the energy down to a single point (with the essential Tech Trance eighth notes keeping the steady pulse of the piece). The second drop finally unleashes the subdued power of the first one, giving us raw side-chained Electro that completely smashes the mix out of the park. Sherry masterfully builds potential energy throughout the track in order to give the maximum amount of payoff possible, and it shows through the intense second half of the piece.

Mark Sherry‘s remix of Tempo Giusto‘s Blacksmith will be out soon on Tempo Giusto‘s forthcoming new album, so keep it locked to Your EDM for any future news updates!


Keep the music alive. -Q