Kaskade never seems to take a break. From his relentless tour schedule to releasing new music, if there is one thing Kaskade wants you to take away from everything he does, it is that he truly loves all of his supporters. This thirty minute set gives a pleasant picture- or sound rather- to the idea of what Kaskade‘s “Summer Lovin” residency at Marquee Las Vegas Day Club is comprised of on Sunday afternoons.

In this set specifically, Kaskade plays two tracks off of the upcoming Atmosphere album, due for release this September. While they might be mashups, they certainly are enough to get a feeling for what lies ahead this fall. It is almost impossible to skip right to the tracks within the video because the opening song is so entrancing. If you’re in a rush though, they can be heard right before the 9 and 17 minute marks.

For everyone in Vegas this weekend, Kaskade is adamant that he is not one of the guest appearances at EDC but he might be playing us. If you aren’t a risk taker then it would probably be best to spend your last day of EDC Week at the Day Club with Kaskade for some proper nurturing before closing out what will be one superb weekend.