Feed Me took to Twitter earlier today to announce that his new album is coming in early September. He will be releasing it on his own record label, rather than Mau5trap like he did with his previous releases. This will be his first full-length album since Feed Me’s Big Adventure was released on Christmas Day in 2010. It has been a long time since someone from the bass music scene has brought something new and fresh to EDM and I can’t think of anyone better than Feed Me to do just that. I truly believe that this album has the potential to make a huge splash in the scene, especially since it will be the inaugural release for his new label.



In recent interviews, Feed Me has said that he plans to release albums this year under his Spor and Seventh Stitch aliases as well. In all likelihood, these albums will also be released on his label. If you’re dying to for a little taste of what Feed Me has in store for us later this year, check out this brief clip from an untitled Spor track below.