He’s been considered as “one of the most high-profiled artists and the most productive techno producer on the planet”, carving out a unique path in the electronic dance music scene, and he’s only thirty three. Mihalis Safras‘s dedication to the “old school sound”, if you will, has driven his career into something extraordinary, breaking down the barriers of commercial house and pioneering a sound like none other.

After much anticipation, Safras is back with a brand new album, Out of the Box, featured on Toolroom Records that offers a deeper taste to your summer soundtrack. Each track bears a different perception of Safras, making the album a journey through his artistic and innovative mind. “Pianista” is one of the biggest tracks off this new album and will definitely be seeing a lot more club play. Other tracks like “Summertime”, “Hotness”, and “Nine O Six” are sure to be favorites and without a doubt help shape this album into an amazing playlist that is entirely captivating. Check out the full stream of Out of the Box here and grab yourself a copy on beatport today!