On Tuesday, August 6, we’re teaming up with CR2 Records and our friends over at Mixify to present a massive lineup to help us Get Weird with Pierce FultonAudienCharlie DarkerDallasKPopeskaSomething Good, and Walden.

This 7-hour special event serves to celebrate the release of Pierce Fulton’s forthcoming record “Where We Were” ft. Polina, out August 5. This roster is stacked from top to bottom so make sure to jump over on Mixify and RSVP for the event ensuring your position to not only indulge in these exclusive live mixes but also to ask all the artists any questions you may have during the stream. See you there!

Line Up + RSVP:

Something Good (4 PM ET) – RSVP link coming soon
Charlie Darker (5 PM ET) – RSVP HERE
Popeska (6 PM ET) – RSVP HERE
Walden (7 PM ET) – RSVP HERE
DallasK (8 PM ET) – RSVP HERE
Audien (9 PM ET) – RSVP HERE
Pierce Fulton (10 PM ET) – RSVP HERE