Flo Rida’s latest stain on the music world was in fact not truly his own in the first place. The song in question is his latest collaboration with Pitbull titled Can’t Believe It. If you pay close attention, although it is very obvious, the beat line for Can’t Believe It is the exact same as the one used by Infinity Ink in his release Infinity. It has been reported by Mixmag, that Flo Rida did obtain the sample legally, but forcibly ruined it by adding his own lyrics over the beat.

Now add Diplo to the mix, who recently took to twitter to proclaim that the state named artist, essentially ripped off his video for his hit, Butter’s Theme. Here are his tweets, followed by the videos in question.

UPDATE: Here is Infinity Ink’s response to their fans’ recent outcry:

“Bit of controversy. Yes, that’s our bassline on Flo Rida’s new single. To anyone upset about it been sampled then we apologise. Given the choice between Flo Rida using our original bassline or Flo Rida making an almost exact copy of it, we gave permission for it to be sampled. There are countless versions of ‘Infinity’ on the internet. From EDM, dubstep and deep house mixes to chipmunk versions and even acoustic covers, we’ve kept them all up there. ‘Infinity’ has found a life of its own and we’re touched by everyone’s love of the original…”

And here are Diplo’s tweets





Flo Rida – Can’t Believe It ft. Pitbull [Official Music Video]

Infinity Ink – Infinity (Original Mix)