Avicii‘s latest single ‘Wake Me Up’ ravaged through the UK charts hitting #1 in just 45 minutes and ended the week at an accumulated sales total of 267,000 measly copies. With one of the worlds hottest boy bands One Direction right on his tail with the release of their track ‘Best Song Ever‘ this week, fans and critics were not sure what to expect of sales for week 2. One Direction is on a whole different level of pop star, sitting at just over 19 Million likes on Facebook. EDM is still earlier in the growth stage and will continue to be overshadowed by much of the main stream popular music being fed to teens and tweens by the media.

I mean just stare deeply into the eyes of the wax figurines pictured above. One Direction was packed with so many bookings they sent the boys on a wax figure world tour to supply these young girls yearning for more of their favorite five-man boy band.

But all we got was another week of Avicii crushing the UK charts and holding down the #1 spot with another 155,000 copies sold! Whether you’re a fan of Avicii or not, this is still a remarkable win for the EDM scene and is without doubt a sign of greater things to come.

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