The 8th studio album from Ryan Raddon, Atmosphere, finally received a release date. Adding to the anticipation, fans may now mark the date, September 10th, to get the full length album. Two years after the grammy nominated album, Fire & Ice, September’s release  date will certainly cumulate mass popularity.

An Ultra Records interview with Kaskade, shed light into the album, “If I was to squash Fire & Ice into a single rather than a double album, it might have sounded like this.”

August 13th, iTunes will offer the album for pre-sale, and those on top of their game already know about the Atmosphere tour dates, maybe even by heart. That’s the kind of loyalty Kaskade recognizes in his fans.  Just today Kaskade announced via twitter that a contest of sorts, will give a few lucky people an opportunity to win VIP packages.

Submitting a short video will enter you into the contest.

The full details you ask?

If it’s hard to trust your cinematography skills, and would like more of a guarantee to meet Ryan, amongst other cool benefits. Check out the Atmosphere tour website for full details, before tickets evaporate.

Road trip?