Last week, Mat Zo took to Facebook and asked fans to consider some weighty questions regarding the intentions of charities and their place in solving global issues.

Do charities make the world a better place?

On one hand, some charities bring much needed relief and aid to millions of people who are in need. Where national infrastructure is weak, charties provide services that the government cannot, or at least are unwilling to provide.

On the other hand, charities are businesses, and businesses need to be sustainable regardless of how ethical they are. Charities rely on there being a problem to solve, if the particular problem the charity was claiming to try and fix was suddenly solved, there would be no more charity. This begs the question, are some charities really trying to fix things, or are they quite content with the problem existing?

What do you think?

Since the post was added on July 24, the conversation has remained surprisingly civil, with many commenters posting thoughtful and polite responses. However, many people have questioned whether bringing up this issue now was a response to Gareth Emery’s move to dismiss the DJ Mag Top 100 by asking fans to support various charities in lieu of voting for him in the contest. At this point, Mat Zo’s intention behind the post seems to have become the main topic of discussion in the comment section.

Whether or not this was intended to be a knock on Emery, it has led to some interesting critical discussion about contemporary global issues. Personally, I’m a huge fan of DJs and other musicians using their platform for good, and I think that opening up a discussion of this manner can lead to some positive change, or at least better awareness. Let us know what you think in the comments.