A little over a year ago, when SKisM released the first EP of his Division Series, I distinctly remember looking through the track list and seeing the then unfamiliar name, CRUSH. It was only seconds later, after pressing play on his rendition of “Killer”, that it became evidently clear that CRUSH was an artist with which I needed to become acquainted. After hours of scouring the internet, my labor rendered no fruit. I was left with one killer remix (pun intended) and little to no information about who this talented artist was, however, now months later it seems CRUSH has emerged from his veil of secrecy. CRUSH, part of the production group DC Breaks, is back yet again debuting on No Tomorrow Recordings. The CRUSH EP, consists of  3 original tunes and one somewhat token but extremely palatable trap remix from none other than Luminox. After listening to the release on multiple occasions, I’ve determined that without a doubt my favorite aspect of the CRUSH EP is the artist’s evident prowess and finesse producing at the interface of genres. Provoking emotions of aggressive heavy bass music with the energy of frenzied electro, CRUSH‘s EP pushes the pace in all the right ways. The CRUSH EP is out now on No Tomorrow Recordings and can be streamed in full below. Enjoy!