It’s no secret that some of the most influential and innovative tracks are formed when two different artists with different viewpoints come together to form a piece. If one person struggles on a particular point in the production process, the other person may come in with an innovative new idea, or even a fancy technical trick to really bring the full potential of the track. While collaborations are nothing new, there are those team ups that one can only wish for and when one of these ‘dream collaborations’ finally comes true, the results can be quite explosive. This happens to be the case with a brand new collaboration between top Trance A-listers: Arctic Moon and Paul Webster. Arctic Moon has been seriously putting some work into the studio lately, as he seems to be one of the very few artists who is able to tap into the immense reserves of raw emotions to bring forth some astoundingly gorgeous tracks. Webster, on the other hand, is a hardened veteran whose colossal power storms through each of his productions and also isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty (read: his remix to Starships Over Alice). With these two commanding talents together, they have crafted a stunningly beautiful track entitled Valhalla, whose melodies honestly rival those of orchestral part writing.



Arctic Moon & Paul Webster- Valhalla (Original Mix)



Valhalla starts with the fury of the gods, as wickedly fat basskicks, smashing percussion and naughty basslines transition into a sinister synth line along with a female voice pondering about life, death and returning to Valhalla. Shoving listeners aside, a monstrous basskick intertwines with worried ostinatos and furious acid lines as the full brunt of power barrels through like a freight train. However, it is the breakdown that becomes the calm in the storm; almost as if a person in flight braved through the vicious storm clouds to be greeted by the marvelous sun. Featuring beautiful strings and heavily atmospheric pads, the tone takes a turn towards the heavens, as one can think of the wonderful might of the glorious city of Valhalla. The chord changes are fantastic as it manages to artistically paint a picture whilst creating a vivid and realistic world within itself. As an offbeat, melodic synth line comes into play, an elegant piano grants emotional tension towards the feel of the track. It then forms into a dazzling display of raw human emotions, as its weighted melody contains all of the hopes and dreams of many listeners who are willing to believe in the music. Finally, it releases all inhibitions as a sudden rush of euphoria breaks through into a stunning melody, one that packs both power and an unbelievable orchestration. The sudden rush of endorphins that manifests within completely blinds those who are lost in the music.


Arctic Moon & Paul Webster- Valhalla (Adam Ellis Remix)



It seems as though there is nothing that this man can’t accomplish and this year has been one of the most rewarding and explosive that I have honestly ever seen in anyone’s Trance career. He has already established himself into a juggernaut of a producer and his great sense of musical theory has propelled his tracks to some of the best of 2013. After hitting number one on the Trance Beatport Top 10 from a sudden flurry of support on his single of Napalm Poet, he continues to put more time in the studio, creating a mental remix to joyously provide some contrast to the Original. In his rendition, he piles on the filth by viciously twisting the already lethal Tech sections into a devastating powerhouse of a tune. Starting out with faint synth lines, army radio vocals and spacious atmosphere, a lone woman calmly reassures the listener before plunging into madness with shredding AK-47 basslines and battery acid stabs. Additionally, there are some excellent technical chopping and fierce, but constant drive. Ellis wisely keeps the beautiful breakdown in tact (don’t fix what isn’t broke), while adding a really nice vocal timbre to breathe even more realism into the astounding chord changes. As it builds to the breaking point, a subtle nod to Astrix‘s remix of Vertical Mode‘s Deep Vibrations occurs as it states, “transport elevator; (elevator ahead). It’ll take us to Sub Level 8“. What follows is no nonsense Tech Trance, as the returning acid lines become demonic in nature alongside both pounding basslines and John Askew-esque rising synth lines. A particularly violent mix, it is definitely a savage weapon to decimate dancefloors.

Both the Original and Adam Ellis mixes of Arctic Moon & Paul Webster‘s breathtaking collaboration, Valhalla, is now available on FSOE Recordings on Beatport, so make sure you pick up both of these high quality releases today.


Keep the music alive. -Q