At the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Avicii polarized his fans with the revelation of his new, quite different material. The bluegrass tinged dance pop caused many to take to their computers, raging over what they had thought, would be the end of Avicii’s career. Six months later and it appears the Swede has had the last laugh. With the No. 1 spot around 63 different countries, Wake Me Up is a certified smash hit and even sold faster than Blurred Lines. Not bad for a track I thought to be nothing more than a cheesy dance track crossed with Mumford and Sons.

So out of all the EDM artists, how did Avicii climb to the top? In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the pop sensation revealed his sentiments about the state of todays EDM: “It’s ridiculous, I still don’t really feel like I’ve had time to slow down and really realize where it has all come to. A lot of dance music has gotten more and more repetitive – too focused on the dirty drop. I was always interested in the melodic part of house music.”

It appears that Avicii isn’t the only person interested in the melodies, for 63 countries can’t be wrong. By teaming up with pop legends such as Nile Rodgers and Mac Davis, Avicii is clearly making sure that his melodies hit all the right notes. And not just the bass notes.

Original Rolling Stone article