As someone who grew up in Seattle, I’ll always take pride in what Macklemore has finally accomplished over the past year with the help of Ryan Lewis. But i’ll also be the first to say, that radio stations have somewhat destroyed tracks on the album, namely ‘Thrift Shop’, which is played so often it nearly induces headaches.

Thankfully, Big Gigantic’s remix of ‘Can’t Hold Us‘ provides Macklemore & Ryan Lewis fans with a much needed rest from the overplayed original. Still utilizing Ray Dalton’s powerful vocals and the infectious chanting chorus, Big G incorporates a heavy bass line and amazing sax rips.

Big Gigantic has been very vocal in their support of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, who performed during Big G’s Rowdytown event last year at Red Rocks. Making yesterday’s release feel uniquely supportive, a friendly wave across the metaphorical street of genres.