As one of the oldest and most influential festivals to date, Mysteryland rarely disappoints those in attendance. ID&T’s long standing production is iconic to festival culture and was an instrumental link to the spark plug that ignited Tomorrowland. This year, Mysteryland is slated for expansion again, as ID&T will head to Chile for a three-day festival in December, similar to the one in 2011. Five months after Chile, Mysteryland takes over the historic Woodstock venue in Bethel Wood’s New York. The first ever Mysteryland USA event will occur on Memorial Day Weekend, setting the scene for what should be a highly symbolic and massive festival.

With the timeline in place to move forward, it’s a perfect time to look back. The 2013 Mysterland Aftermovie is now available and serving two main purposes: reflection and excitement. For those in attendance this year the after movie will likely put a smile on your face before launching you into a reminiscent state of euphoria. On the opposite end of the spectrum, don’t worry if you couldn’t “bop” over to Haarlemmermeer, the movie paints a gorgeous, yet brief insight into the experience created at Mysterland. ID&T also promises that Part 2 of the after movie will provide a more in-depth look into those who create, perform, and make Mysterland such a successful festival.