Becoming one of the most popular tracks this summer in the indie and deep spectrums of house, “Follow The Step” is still getting great airtime even now. Rachel Row and Defected enlisted only the best in deep and indie house to bring forth the three track remix package.

FCL really draws out the sultry vocals on his “Gentil” remix. Complemented by a minimal lead synth and cymbals that ride along underneath, this is a great track to drop when things are cooling off on the floor. The song does a change five minutes in, FCL breaks out a tight 90’s bassline that brings the needed funk missing in the rest of this remix. Overall, the FCL remix goes from cool to warm with that bassline being the peak moment.

The mind behind the brilliant “Jack” from earlier this year, Breach is a remixer for this staple track of 2013. Seeing as both “Jack” and “Follow The Step” will go down as two of the highlights of 2013, why not pick Westbeech to put his touch on it? The beginning has one of the most entertaining kick snare patterns in house at the moment, taking a step away from what we expect in typical four-on-the-floor intros. It takes nearly three minutes before we get a bassline going, but once this one drops, the direction Breach took makes sense and comes all together. The bass is extra moody in the track, as it swirls around under the vocal stabs.

Lastly is the KiNK remix, which changes up the production KiNK created when making the original “Follow The Step“. This track plays much like a aural journey, lots of anticipation and a payoff when it comes to fruition. Being known as the “Bass & Beats Mix” is right on, this track has a fluid percussion that rocks all the way through from start to finish along with a fun breakbeat that shows up. The really intoxicating part in KiNK‘s work is the manipulation of Rachel Row‘s vocals towards the end, little subtleties come through the closer the ear listens.

All of these remixes are now available for purchase here on Beatport.