Simply described as, “a coming, or an arrival; a coming into being or use“, Techno pioneer The Advent has played an integral role in shaping the Techno scene as a whole ever since its early hey days back in the 1990’s. He was the first to create a concept entitled Live PA (Live Public Access), where he would perform Techno using a variety of ‘electronic music gear’; has been a part of the legendary Acid House label, Jack Trax, and has been consistently crafting tracks for over two decades without showing signs of slowing down. Often expanding the boundaries of the Techno genre, he has perfected a unique sound that combines massive, cavernous atmosphere with floor bounding, back breaking musical torque. In 2012, The Advent released his much anticipated album entitled Sonic Intervention, where his singles and collaborations, (with other respected Techno artists such as Cari Lekebusch and Paris Da Black Fu) culminated into one of 2012’s highest Techno releases. Now in 2013, the followup is served with relish through the astoundingly massive Remixes album featuring the top talent of Techno today, (including Alan Fitzpatrick, Marco Bailey and Sasha Carassi). Through The Advent‘s Sonic Intervention collaboration with Jason Fernandes on Get Up, the massive remix by long time friend and frequent collaborator, Industrialyzer, combines both sturdy, concrete Techno sensibilities with the unusual experimentation of stylistic, 2011 Progressive House integration to a fantastic, genre bending release of grand proportions.



Initiating the beginning of Industrialyzer‘s Techno onslaught, the phrase, ‘Get up‘, is stretched to impossible lengths as incoming radio frequencies and raging white noise culminate in a brutal Techno phrase, complete with furious Tribal percussion, incredulously agitated synth pads and a floor quaking eighth note basskick that provides an incredible character and drive. The sheer, over-encompassing atmosphere that develops is second to none in terms of complete sensory overload, (which lets our animalistic instincts run rampant). Subtleties, such as angry rhythmic stabs on beats one and three, hissing synths crying in agony, and culminating Techno hi-hats, (a personal favorite of mine), weave an entire dialogue between each individual instrument and really showcases an intimate, yet power relationship within the soundscape without a melody. However, Industrialyzer goes one step further and completely changes musical direction, adding in a sly Progressive House melodic ostinato that completely changes the entire focus of the piece. Rather than a pure Techno tune to completely lose oneself in, it has now topped off as an incredibly complex combination of melody and rhythm that not only pushes the boundaries, but comes to the breaking point without each musical section losing its core, structural integrity. Fantastically integrated as a track to experiment and take risks, it is a perfect introduction tune for those who wish to start out on the dark and misunderstood world of Techno.

Industrialyzer‘s remix of The Advent & Jason Fernandes‘s collaboration, Get Up, is now available on H-Productions on Beatport, so make sure you pick up this fantastic track today. As stated above, this is a great track to listen to if you are first getting into Techno, as the combination between melody and rhythm act as a sort of bridge between pure Techno and the more melodic areas of music that many of us are accustomed to. Definitely check it out if you are interested!


Keep the music alive. -Q