For the last two years, Follow Me have been quietly honing their craft of creating futuristic nu-disco and deep house tunes that seduce and lull listeners into a nostalgic sense of bliss and contentment. From their lush and resonant midnight ballads to their tropical flavored remixes, Follow Me have repeatedly showcased their ingenious ability to extend an emotional connection of positivity and joy through each and every one of their productions.

The duo’s latest offering, their official remix of Johnny Stimson‘s “Daddy’s Money”, is a playful fusion of deep bass, subtle pads, and a melody that even has a hint of ¬†Avicii’s newly found¬†country-twang. Just try listening to this chorus without bobbing your head, I dare you! It’s Tuesday and we’ve got a whole lot of time left in the work week so do yourself a favor and let Follow Me lead you through the day. Enjoy.