Last weekend, the families of Colorado suffered unusually heavy rainfall that caused an outbreak of floodings throughout the state, specifically in Northern Colorado and Boulder County. With damage that can be equivalent to hurricane storms, many people have lost their homes and have also lost members of their own families. However, in spite of this horrible storm, the people of Colorado are banding together in order to provide some much needed recovery funding for the future of this state. In collaboration with Beta Nightclub, Martin Solveig, (among other EDM artists), will be performing in Colorado tonight in which 100% of all sales will directly go towards relief funds to rebuild some of these devastated counties. Solveig, of course, is the French EDM Pop star whose single of Hello, (as well as his studio albums, C’est la vie and Smash!), have awarded him platinum sales accolades and molded him into a household name around the world. In the wake of this tragedy, it is refreshing to hear that music artists are willing to help out the cause for the betterment of the people of Colorado.