In a recent interview with ElektroFeed Me got asked a question that might’ve been a little more personal than the interviewer had originally intended it to be:

How did you develop the concept of Feed Me as a character?

My sister tragically lost her hand in a waste disposal unit whilst playing with toys in the sink when we were young. The machine would gurgle sounds which resembled the words ‘feed me’. Even after the unit was removed and the legal proceedings had long passed I was stricken by a crippling fear each time I entered the kitchen.

My therapist introduced me to music and art as a coping mechanism, and by surmising my fears into a project I’ve managed to bring light and humour into a phrase that once only served to remind me of my sisters arm-stump.

I honestly had no idea that Feed Me‘s character came from such a dark background, but it’s truly inspiring to see how he managed to take an incredibly tragic event from his early childhood and repurpose it into something so positive, using it as fuel for his creative process. He also mentions that besides having albums in production for his drum’n’bass and IDM aliases, Spor and Seventh Stitch respectively, he’s already started to work on a second Feed Me album.

In another interview with Billboard he debuted the closing track from his new album Calamari Tuesday, the aptly-titled “Last Requests,” featuring the extremely talented Jenna G‘s vocals. This track does a great job of showing off Feed Me‘s incredibly energetic brand of complextro that’s been destroying dance floors for years. Check it out below and make sure you preorder Calamari Tuesday HERE if you haven’t already!

UPDATE: Apparently Feed Me decided to give Deadmau5 a run for his money for the title of biggest troll in EDM and he’s coming pretty close to being crowned champion if you ask me. We probably should’ve known right away that this outrageous origin story was a farce just from how absurd it was, but clearly Feed Me wanted to take the press for a little ride and we wanted to believe him because it made for an incredibly interesting story. However, we weren’t the only victims of Feed Me‘s epic trolling spree. In an interview with DMC WorldFeed Me provided a lengthy anecdote as to where the title of his album Calamari Tuesday came from:

One of the strangest travel experiences of this year was on a flight to Bermuda. I was seated opposite a woman in business class who was dependent on a constant supply of oxygen and appeared to be older than time itself. I watched her be helped to her seat and fall back into it, exhausted. She stared intensely at me for hour after hour with a cold unwavering gaze, and as I looked back I felt drawn into it, until a desperate feeling took me over and I slipped from consciousness.

When I woke up she had gone, her seat empty as if she had never been. I rubbed my eyes and asked myself if it was a dream, until a flier fell out my top pocket. On it was a pinup girl, the same woman but younger, and she was holding a sign. I unfolded the paper to reveal what it said – it said ‘Moe’s Diner’. Then we landed and later that night I made up the album title for no reason.

Or how about this gem from when Dancing Astronaut asked him how it felt release his first full-length album into the wild:

Like hatching from a gilded Fabergé egg into a bath of warm honey. You move your arms slowly through it like long slumbering Phoenix first beats it wings, and slide down the plughole, unhindered by bones or a tangible form. Instead of a dark tube you find yourself tumbling through a blue kaleidoscope sky of confetti feathers, bouncing from cloud to cloud. You smile as doves peck your tumbling body to pieces and you become a pure sine wave, a golden chalice, a beautiful memory.

Mad props Feed Me, you sir are quite the epic troll; now we know to take everything you say with a grain of salt.

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