It’s amazing what one could find if people actually took the time to search for new and exciting avenues of art to stimulate the growing, creative mind. As a general habit, I make it a point to search far and wide to find the artists who reside underneath the waterline, because the one’s who have the most potential for excellence are often the ones who aren’t focused by the masses. Sometimes, I roll up my sleeves and discover random artists for inspiration and last week, I happened to find a really nice Deep House gem that required much time and effort to find. Since 2008, Andres W has been crafting some superb low end cuts due to a phenomenon that occurs with almost everyone that enters the scene. Andres was interested in Trance and Psy during his early years of listening and over time, became quite bored with what the Trance scene was evolving into, (as many other people were experiencing at the time). Because of this, he decided to focus on more unconventional routes of musical expression and found his sound to evolve into the atmospheric, dark recesses of Deep House. His single of Icarus is one of the first tracks that has shown the emerging maturity of the artist, with stripped back percussion sections and minimalistic sound design really stretches the limits of creative implementation. However, we are offered another interpretation by another underground artist called Yuriy From Russia, whose smooth basslines and outer space pads offer a fantastic, virtuosic journey into the depths and limits of Deep House.



The polished bassline takes the center stage with buttery textures and while its design is simplistic in nature, it still carries enough groove to provide an excellent foundation for the other adjacent sounds. Even though the bassline is one of the most essential facets of Deep House, it is actually the hidden concepts of depth and space that intimately connects the entire sound design as a whole. This allows for a far more enriching experience as the sounds envelop the brain with a foggy, mystical entity to cast clarity and awareness throughout the senses. Yuriy From Russia acts upon this idea with gusto as the breakdown features haunting choirs and textured synths amidst a series of bleeps and ostinatos. It almost embraces a “2001, A Space Odyssey” persona as the sounds float throughout the vast confines of space to simply exist without a purpose or ending in sight. In fact the ending of the breakdown is particularly fantastic as the layering and sudden turn of random, blossoming sounds provides an excellent opportunity to stretch musical boundaries and to evolve the piece into a completely different experience. However, the cool, velvety basslines and mint percussion snap the orchestration back to a musical flow with an effortless transition. But while the basslines and percussion sections provide a tune in itself, Yuriy maintains the atmospheric backdrops, which connects two complex sections together in a wondrous, otherworldly display of arrangement mastery.

Yuriy From Russia‘s remix of Andres W‘s single, Icarus, is now available on Clinique Recordings via Beatport. Make sure to also check out the Original and Dub mixes as well as a particularly stellar mix from Progressive House guru, Ewan Rill!



Keep the music alive. -Q






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