Kaster, formerly known as Love Automatic, released an exhilarating, experimental  Progressive/Electro House EP, “Sugar & Spice“, for everyone to enjoy! Now, I have heard a wide range of EP’s throughout my career, but it is fair to say that Sugar & Spice is an excellent journey through the entire EDM spectrum. With piercing vocals to chilling chord progressions, massive bass lines and huge synth breaks, this EP comes out of your speakers as a full body experience!

With six tracks in total, all creating their own vibe and feeling, it is so exciting to share with you all! So show Kaster some love on Beatport for this awesome EP and cruise over to his Facebook page to keep informed on his next release!

Without further ado, take some time to give this incredible production a listen!

Kaster – Sugar & Spice EP [SectionZ]

-Chris Wood-