Anyone who follows Deadmau5 on Twitter (or any EDM blog) knows that the producer is notoriously loud spoken on the social media site. Taking a break from his normal ramblings about everything EDM, Deadmau5 has been conversing with a young fan under the name Dariu5 Deadmau5. On Monday, the user tweeted about his love for the producer and his plan to draw a mau5 head every day until he got to meet his idol.

The first picture was Canadian themed for Deadmau5’s home country. He also posted several more, and caught the attention of the producer within hours.

In the last few days, the young artist has garnered plenty of attention from the Twitter community as Deadmau5 retweets each drawing and posts words of encouragement.

According to EDM Sauce, Dariu5 Deadmau5 is slated to meet his idol on December 28 in Edmonton. Β Can’t wait to see the rest of his drawings in the mean time!