Wolfgang Gartner and Tommy Trash have just premiered their “Hounds Of Hell” music video on UKF, and I am not really sure what I just watched unfold. Starting with what I do know, the original track supplies a perfect setting for the nostalgic theme created by the vintage filters and suburbia household the eerie video scene is shot in. A classic  dinner scene of uneasy parental figures and young adults aid in creating the nostalgic vibe, and if you’ve got siblings this will be a moment of pure reminiscence.

Exploring our stereotypical ideas of suburban families,  they warm you up nice and toasty before getting down to the weird bit. The “Hounds Of Hell” move in to protect their growingly attractive sister from the dirty boy coming to soil her immature high school loins.

I am at a loss for intriguing enough language to describe this work of art from Wolfgang Gartner and Tommy Trash, so decide for yourself what they are trying to make you think and watch the full video here: