“I don’t call it the Hitmaker for nothing, you know…”

Disclosure. Avicii. Daft Punk. No is not a word in Nile Rodger’s vocabulary and it appears that as long as you have the right credentials, the disco legend will try to hook up with you in a heartbeat.

After a Twitter conversation with Rinse FM DJ Carly Wilford, Rodgers casually revealed that Giorgio Moroder is willing to work with him on what will hopefully be a stellar collaboration:

The Robots must be squirming with excitement (Surely this recent rise of interest in the two men can be traced back to RAM.) This record will hopefully be as interesting and funky as it appears to be, although at this point it’s very unclear as to what they hope to achieve.

Check out this video from IAmMusic.TV. If you have a spare 40 minutes, he talks about his indelible mark on music, having sold 233 million records and worked with pretty much everybody: