“It’s not a big deal to us…”

Earlier this month, PMR Records removed the video for Help Me Lose My Mind after receiving comments about it’s alleged glamorisation of drugs. They stated they, ‘feel very strongly against the glamorisation of drugs in any capacity’. Of course this is absolutely fine but rather infuriating, as some pop stars seem to get away with a lot worse, like happily singing about getting high of purp in the club.



However the boys from Surrey have spoken out as to why it was pulled, and it appears that while the naysayers were completely wrong, they don’t really care:

“The video doesn’t contain any drug using at all, but some of the comments were that people were thinking they were on drugs in the video… It was taken down when we were asleep – but I would have made the same decision. We’re not about glamorising drugs in any way… Music videos aren’t our thing. We make songs.”

Do you think PMR and Disclosure were right to take the video down? Or should the brothers have put up a bigger fight?