Returning to his co-owned label, Hot Creations, Jamie Jones is set to release a four-track EP that many fans have been anticipating over the past few months. The wait is almost over as he has released the lead track, ‘Planets, Spaceships’ featuring Digitaria via his Soundcloud page. He keeps the other three tracks on the low, revealing only the track titles: ‘Cookie Monster,’ ‘Stick,’ and ‘Starp Trek.’ The full four-track EP will be out on November 18 through Beatport & Vinyl.

Jamie Jones has clearly switched gears in his production style. He now takes a spin to the darker side. Being a versatile producer and remaining true to his signature sound is one of the many reasons why he is so notorious in this scene for many years.

Check out this track, you may just hear some Portuguese or repetitive vocal snippets sung by Daniela Caldellas from Digitaria that will blast you to another planet. Her sound brings out this dark, futuristic melody that complements wonderfully the Jamie Jones production of ‘Planets, Spaceships.’ Stay tuned here for the official EP release but in the meantime, check out ‘Planets, Spaceships’ below!