Since the beginning of this weekly series, I have found that my musical palette has greatly expanded in terms of musical quality and overt construction of sounds and chords. While I might have loved songs that have become the norm in EDM a year ago, I now struggle to find the same satisfaction that introduced me into dance music in the first place. Maybe my tastes are becoming more refined, (or maybe I look for more complex and breathtaking pieces to ignite that same spark of discovery), but I am finding that I am now actively searching for pieces that focus on the concept of journey rather than purely based on crowd control. Many people have also followed a similar trend, and the more they become accustomed to the mainstream, the more they yearn for complete musical immersion through other avenues of music. There is a brilliant sub-genre of Progressive and Progressive House that sticks to the original definition of the term, (rather than just the Beatport Top 10), which is focused on deep spiritual stimulation, almost through a sensory synthesis where the music and mind become one. Artists like Guy J, John Digweed, and Laurent Garnier champion this pioneering sound and now, I have discovered a fantastic new artist by the name of Luke Porter, whose emerging sound is clearly causing quite a storm in the Progressive community.

Luke Porter isn’t an amateur though, as his sets have encompassed throughout the globe in an enticing, yet mystifying array of dreamy, cloud-like sound structures. He has produced collaborations with Cid Inc and Mindset, who are two of the biggest, (and most influential), Progressive House producers at the moment. His sound has fluctuated throughout the years; nearly as much as the amount of exploratory spaces that his tracks covers. Originally a Progressive producer with hints of Ambient textures, he has now transformed into a producer who resides in spatial, over-encompassing fields of sound waves with deep rooted crevasses of groove. Porter is good friends with the legendary Soundprank, (of Anjunadeep fame), and together, they both operate the fantastic Temporum Music label, which focuses on their joint ideologies of visionary, Progressive House music. Additionally, both have worked together in the producer’s table, which has resulted in Luke Porter‘s fantastic remix to Soundprank’s iconic single, Storm. This particular piece is special because it pulls through a ‘transitional’ period; a period where an artist will combine their older sounds with newer, more adventurous sound possibilities and is usually when an artist creates their most accomplished works. With Progressive and Progressive House hand in hand, it is a fantastic display of blending genres that truly capitalizes on elegant, musical sophistication.



On the Progressive side, we start out with a classic bassline with pan flute-like accompaniments, which is supplemented by crisp percussion and flitting bell tones to add a flair of spice to the mix. However, he goes beyond conventionality and coats the entire phrase with a blanket of haunting chords that greatly stretches out the space in which each part has to work with. Additionally, subtle, low accompanying sections fleshes out the track’s identity and instantly creates a more enriching and satisfying experience. As time goes on, the sounds are added in a slow and delicate manner, forcing us to listen with more conviction while sucking us  into the music’s enticing melodies. The breakdown features the calm in the storm with a delicious piano break, which works alongside a cavalcade of atmospheric pads and rapidly morphing synth blocks. This flowing, serene section is fantastically broken apart with the return of an exceptionally techier section, as Porter‘s layering abilities shine in full force. A playful synth flute, wisps of choirs, basslines, repeating clips and more are slowly implemented to tease your ear with new textures, which brings forth that childhood wonder of seeking the unknown; to learn. Finally, a sudden rush of beautiful, brisk pads shower through the release as the full implementation of lushious pads works in concordance with the decisive Progressive sections, forcing a complete, awe-inspiring revelation of musical melodies, sound techniques and total submersion into an ocean of limitless possibilities.

Luke Porter‘s mix of Soundprank‘s single, Storm, is now available on Spherax Records via Beatport, so make sure you grab this magnificent single today. Make sure you check out the Original and Diogo Ribeiro mixes as well!


Keep the music alive. -Q




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