The Bolivian Marching Affair‘s collaboration with Trippz Michaud on “Showtime” resulted in a Play Me Records official music video. The upbeat drum & bass masterpiece is not composed simply of a bangin’ instrumental, but Trippz vocal adds another level of depth to the track. It’s complex sound arrangement shows the technical talents these producers have. The second drop goes into cut-time but it still packs the same punch as the first, with a huge explosion of energy and bass.

The video follows Trippz throughout the day and gives the audience an idea of what a possible day looks like before a show. Although getting tattoos and driving a bad ass Corvette probably don’t happen to performers everyday, I’m sure it has happened and it makes for sick music video. TBMA delivers big with “Showtime” and I cannot wait to hear what else they have in store!

You can purchase the EP HERE!