With a formal training in electroacoustics, Apashe brings something a little different to the table than your average producer. Since the beginning of his music career, he has dabbled in many different genres while still maintaining his signature style. With a new EP coming out tomorrow, we caught up with the Belgian producer to chat briefly about his music and what to expect in the coming year.

Apashe enjoys experimenting with different genres, challenging himself to create unique fusions of music that keep his sound fresh. After completing his studies at Concordia University, he also now holds down a sound design job at Sonart.

Throughout the years, I’ve tried to experiment many different music style, always trying to take what I found interesting in any genres. I believe I will never stick to just one. As a teenager, I used to make hardcore and breakcore and later I did hard electro and dubstep/ dnb. My latest EP was funk mixed with electronic sounds. I feel like I can’t make only one genre. Some elements can always be found in my music like a Hip Hop vibe and classical music. I love classic music for its epic-ness and emotion.

Mixing classic music with any genre will make it sound epic while still melodic. Mixing all these different genres was not a simple thing for me. It’s only until recently that I am a full time sound designer at Sonart. Which means that for the first time (for this EP), was I able to use the skills learned from my job and apply them to my music.

Apashe also specifically discussed the two tracks found on Black Mythology. “Forsaken,” a collaboration with fellow Kannibalen artists Dabin and Kai Wachi, has a funky vibe that drops hard into a rock-influenced banger. “Black Gold” is a darkly-toned, bass-heavy track that builds into a high energy trap sound.

In Black Mythology, many different influences can be found. In Forsaken, there’s a strong rock feel mixed with funky elements and neurofunk basslines. Also, I think everyone’s signature sound can be found in this track. Dabin’s deep melodic feel combined with his guitars as well as Kai Wachi’s powerfull beats and basslines followed by my neuro funk touch on the top of it. In Black Gold there’s a strong classical feel mixed with Hip Hop and heavy trap elements. I wanted to recreate the vibe of my previous track ‘Battle Royale,’ but with a more robotic feel.

The producer is signed to Kannibalen Records, a close-knit label with a strong emphasis on collaboration between artists. Apashe explains how this atmosphere helps each artist to progress artistically by working together as a team.

Being part of the Kannibalen family is probably the best thing that happen to my music so far. Since the beginning, everyone helps each other to grow and learn. We share production and musical knowledge as well as marketing strategies. I feel like everyone is working hard and evolving fast and that really motivates us to continue and to push limits. We are really hungry, we need to infect.

Finally, Apashe revealed some exciting things that fans should look forward to in 2014.

For 2014, musically, I have no idea what people should expect from me. The only thing I know is that there will be many new tracks, two video clips, collaborations with Odalisk, Snails and a Battle Royale VIP.

The EP will officially be released tomorrow, but you can preorder now on iTunes. To get a taste, check out a preview of “Forsaken” below.