One of the most essential and always inevitable tenants in music culture is how it evolves. Opinions change, popular becomes passé, and our postmodern world dictates that old culture will return again as pastiche inspiration. How about when the allusion dates back to times well beyond the typically recycled disco and funk era? Score Squad draws back hundreds of years to the classical era, devising artfully composed symphonies against electronic components. This new Score Squad project is bound to be the go-to choice for licensing music that can blend the best of both dubstep with the timeless sounds of classical strings.

What makes Score Squad extra interesting to follow is how the orchestral electronic band has a music licensing side, yet has the visibility of a producer/DJ. Seeing where this new concept goes moving forward both in the licensing and performance fields will surely be a sight to behold.

An example of how Score Squad‘s approach to music production and licensing can be seen below with this Lamborghini ad altered to match their music.