On this week’s Unsung Heroes, we delve into Psy Trance territory for a completely eviscerating and exhilarating rush of the senses. Psy Trance has had an interesting journey throughout its constant flirtation between underground and the mainstream in recent years. Without question, this genre is one of the most popular styles of music in certain areas of the world, with massive Psy festivals held on a regular basis in places such as South Africa, Israel, Argentina and Brazil. However, it has not taken off in America due to the heavy takeover of Progressive House within many of the country’s festivals and club events. An interesting correlation has unfolded within the genre as many artists who are closely related to the faster sides of Trance are now utilizing it to not only create variety in their sets, but to also blend styles to create a more enriching experience towards their brands. Industry leaders such as Bryan Kearney and Indecent Noise use Psy just as much as Trance now and Simon Patterson has cleanly transitioned into the genre with his collaboration with Blazer on Contraband. Other artists such as Arctic Moon, Alan Ruddick, Eddie Bitar, Harmonic Rush, James Dymond and more are now warming to the idea of Psy, often with Full On favorites such as Coming Soon, Major 7 and Vertical Mode. Because of this rampant inclusion of material, Psy has been exposed to many fans of Trance in America and more people are now warming up to its enticing and mystifying attributes.

In case readers were not aware, Psy Trance is a definitive sub-genre of Trance that is categorized as Psychadelic Trance which took cues from the Psychedelic Rock era and incorporated it within an electronic, musical structure; which then evolved into its own entity. Its mysterious and deep nature is intended to lose oneself in the music, often with mind-altering substances. Now while we here at Your EDM do not condone taking substances, it is crucial to show the inspiration and backbone that ultimately created the genre. The fantastic aspect of this genre is the amount of innovation and creativity involved. There are an incredible amount of interpretation to the genre and it has created an entire ecosystem of sub-genres within a sub-genre of Trance! What we are focusing on is the deeper end of the spectrum, whose sounds focus on the exploration of mind and spirit; and a perfect candidate to represent this side is none other than the Psy maestro that is Ovnimoon. Often credited with crafting incredible pieces with an emphasis on sound layering and timbral complexities, his pieces have spanned around the globe. He has worked with industry giants such as John 00 Fleming and Liquid Soul and is accredited with creating one of the most successful Psy singles with Via Axis entitled Galactic Mantra. Teaming up with the legendary Protonica on their collaboration of Eight K Miles, he returned in 2012 with a remix that truly explores the inner recesses of the subconscious matrix.



Starting with haunting, glimmering pads and choirs, a lone basskick is underlayed amidst an incredible amount of stylistic parts only designed for mental immersion purposes. Wisps, flashes and breaths are felt and heard before the low cut Psy bassline begins its assault. Rather than attack with the focus on the bassline, it instead diverts our attention to the vast array of futuristic sounds that are constantly flitting throughout the scene, which brings astonishing new life and character towards noises that would just sound ordinary under any other circumstances. By utilizing the basslines as a constant drone to block all incoming thoughts, it then allows us to deeply focus with intent on the vast spectrum of stimuli that is constant, continually changing and surprising our ears and minds with every step. However, it accomplishes this without becoming too crowded and without destroying the delicacy of the relationships between each part that he has expertly assembled. The entire track is a discovery of sounds and textures, and is meant to simulate the ebb and flow of our vast planet as we perceive it. The mixture between the rough synth lines and the gentle caress of the pads are perfectly balanced and the inclusion of an incredible melodic line, (which is heavily influenced in Psy qualities), completely unify the entire track just as the total loss of self connects through the world.

And for a brief moment in time and space, you and the universe become one.


Ovnimoon‘s remix to his and Protonica‘s collaboration, Eight K Miles, is out now on Synergetic Records via Beatport, so make sure you grab your copy today.


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/track/eight-k-miles-ovnimoon-remix/3691508


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