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Backed with an extensive surplus of mind-blowing disco ridden melodies, and enough funk to give your parents a flashback, Geodesic (AKA George Booth) has been supplying EDM listeners with his signature multi-tempo dance music for well over two years now. George has demonstrated time and time again that he has no limits when it comes to production, dominating whatever tempo he pleases with a fiery electro witchcraft capable of turning any situation into a Geodesic wonderland. A rise in popularity as of late may be due to the fact that he never seems to stick to a certain tempo, or maybe because everything he makes is just so damn funky.

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On top of numerous singles, remixes, and exclusives, Geodesic has also released an EP titled ‘Displaced In Space‘. This Colorado native continues to push and pull on the boundaries separating genres of electronic music, integrating every element possible to construct songs worthy enough for any dance floor. Something about Geodesic’s creations give off a certain energy that is incomparable to others, and people are starting to notice. I asked two fellow music producers the same question, both of whom replied respectively :

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The three songs I’ve included happen to be his three latest singles ‘Pop It,’ ‘Fuzzy (Is Love),’ and ‘Autumn Leaves,’ all of which display masterful creativity to further prove Geodesic is headed straight for the top. It’s only a matter of time before we will see him collaborating with some major players, so following him on all of the appropriate social media would be a wise choice. In the words of Geodesic, “Music is great, groovy music is better!”

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